Getting the thrill of flying around the city and seeing breathtaking views is one of the best parts of a helicopter tour. Though it can be extremely exciting to ride a helicopter for the first time, some people will be nervous about it. Because of this, they might not be able to completely enjoy the ride.

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips to really enjoy San Diego helicopter rides.

Keep Calm and Go with the Flow

Every single thing is planned carefully from the moment that you arrive for your chopper ride. This will help you achieve a seamless experience. You will have the opportunity to watch a safety video and know how to properly approach the chopper before you get on the ride. The crew will then help you to fasten you on your seat and ensure that you are secure before the ride starts. Though you might feel a bit scared, paying attention to the pre-flight preparation will help you get rid of a bit of nervousness.

Get the Best Photo

Keep in mind that you can bring a camera while riding the chopper. The company will even encourage you to take a lot of photos as you fly above historical landmarks and amazing locations. You should also think about dressing in darker colors if you want to get rid of window glare. The reason for this is that lighter colors can reflect off of the window. Aside from that, you need to plan the tour for the ideal hours of the day to snap photos. Usually, the mid-morning to early afternoon time is the best since any morning fog will have dispersed and the sun isn’t giving the brightest rays yet.

Know the Seating Arrangements

Everybody wants the best seat on their chopper tour naturally. Some will also prefer to sit next to their partner to feel comfortable. Though the company will try to ensure to honor your preferences, the truth is that properly loading the chopper is vital for its balance. The crew will show you where to sit for the right balance and weight of the chopper when on board. You should not worry if you are not able to sit right next to your significant other. You will still be able to talk with each other and enjoy the tour together.

Dress Properly

When you choose your outfit for the chopper ride, safety should be your number one priority. Though you can dress stylish so that you look amazing in the pre-flight picture, you also have to be safe and comfortable. It is ideal to leave accessories such as scarves and hats in a storage locker or in your car since they can blow away.

Pick the Right Chopper

You should know which way the seats face when you book a helicopter tour. A chopper that has all of the seats facing forward offers you the perfect view. This type of seating also helps any passengers who might struggle with motion sickness.