How to Enjoy a Helicopter Tour?

Getting the thrill of flying around the city and seeing breathtaking views is one of the best parts of a helicopter tour. Though it can be extremely exciting to ride a helicopter for the first time, some people will be nervous about it. Because of this, they might not be able to completely enjoy the ride.

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips to really enjoy San Diego helicopter rides.

Keep Calm and Go with the Flow

Every single thing is planned carefully from the moment that you arrive for your chopper ride. This will help you achieve a seamless experience. You will have the opportunity to watch a safety video and know how to properly approach the chopper before you get on the ride. The crew will then help you to fasten you on your seat and ensure that you are secure before the ride starts. Though you might feel a bit scared, paying attention to the pre-flight preparation will help you get rid of a bit of nervousness.

Get the Best Photo

Keep in mind that you can bring a camera while riding the chopper. The company will even encourage you to take a lot of photos as you fly above historical landmarks and amazing locations. You should also think about dressing in darker colors if you want to get rid of window glare. The reason for this is that lighter colors can reflect off of the window. Aside from that, you need to plan the tour for the ideal hours of the day to snap photos. Usually, the mid-morning to early afternoon time is the best since any morning fog will have dispersed and the sun isn’t giving the brightest rays yet.

Know the Seating Arrangements

Everybody wants the best seat on their chopper tour naturally. Some will also prefer to sit next to their partner to feel comfortable. Though the company will try to ensure to honor your preferences, the truth is that properly loading the chopper is vital for its balance. The crew will show you where to sit for the right balance and weight of the chopper when on board. You should not worry if you are not able to sit right next to your significant other. You will still be able to talk with each other and enjoy the tour together.

Dress Properly

When you choose your outfit for the chopper ride, safety should be your number one priority. Though you can dress stylish so that you look amazing in the pre-flight picture, you also have to be safe and comfortable. It is ideal to leave accessories such as scarves and hats in a storage locker or in your car since they can blow away.

Pick the Right Chopper

You should know which way the seats face when you book a helicopter tour. A chopper that has all of the seats facing forward offers you the perfect view. This type of seating also helps any passengers who might struggle with motion sickness.

Choosing the Right Helicopter Tour Company

Are you planning to see the amazing wonders of the world from the skies? Well, a helicopter tour might be the one you are looking for.

Helicopter tours are one of the best ways to see the world from a bird’s eye perspective. However, before you book one, there are a couple of things you have to consider.

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips when booking San Diego helicopter tours.

Ask About the Seating Arrangement

You should not forget to ask about the seating arrangement if you are looking for the right helicopter tour experience. Almost every chopper that’s used for offering chopper tours will have enough space for 6 passengers in a seating set up that has 4 in the back and 2 in the front.

You may get stuck in the middle seats if this is the case. Of course, the middle seat will have a restricted view. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you book in advance so that you can ask a front seat or a window seat and enjoy a better view. The tour company may not be able to ensure anything since they’ve got to equally balance out the passenger’s weight in the chopper. But, there’s an excellent possibility that at least one of you will get the window seat if you’re traveling with someone else. Aside from that, a couple of tour companies will let you pay an additional fee to ensure a window seat.

Consider Safety

It’s vital to consider the risks before you book a helicopter ride. Accidents are rare. However, they still occur and it’s vital to pick a helicopter company with an excellent safety rating. You should search for a helicopter tour company that’s certified as an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. This means that the company is subject to high standards. To know if they’re an FAA part 135 certified carrier, you can always examine their website. You can also contact them and ask them if it does not clearly say on the website.

Aside from that, you should visit the website of the National Transportation Safety Board and look for the tour companies in the accident database.

Should You Book One?

You should consider whether a helicopter ride will be something thrilling to do during your visit if you’re planning a vacation in a great location. Do you want to hover over the dramatic and amazing Grand Canyon at sunset? Do you want to see the steaming volcanoes and lush rainforests of Hawaii? Do you want to watch the Ayer’s Rock from the skies? Do you want to fly over the sparkling lights of the Las Vegas strip at night? There are a lot of helicopter rides around the world. You can always bet that there will be a chopper tour if you’re visiting a stunning landmark or a scenic location.

You should always research various companies that provide chopper rides there after you’ve planned your next trip. Look at your options and use the tips above to find the right one.

Things to Consider When Having a Helicopter Tour

Seeing the sights from the skies has become a common trend in a lot of areas around the world. Nowadays, there are a lot of helicopter tours and charter choices that you can find when booking helicopter tours San Diego. However, before you book, here are a couple of things you need to consider:

Is it Safe?

You may be tempted to avoid the chopper ride after reading about a couple of helicopter crashes. However, to guarantee the safety of the passengers, the tour providers take a lot of safety precautions. There are a couple of protection layers offered to the passengers, from emergency supplies onboard to a safety briefing. You’ll have a safe flight if you follow the safety instructions.

Time is Essential

You might not make it to the tour if you are late for the flight. The reason for this is that all flights are scheduled tightly. Aside from that, you won’t have the liberty if you want to extend the tour. To stay safe and on schedule, the flights have to stick to the stipulated time.

What You Can’t take on Board

Usually, the tour provider will provide you a list of things you can bring on board. The things that aren’t mentioned can’t be carried on board. You can always rent a locker at the airport for a fee if you are carrying items that aren’t allowed.

Things to Bring

When you plan the flight, you need to have particularl documents with you. You must have a photo ID proof together with the debit/credit card that you’ve utilized to book the light. You won’t be allowed to take the tour without these items. You can also bring hand-held cameras, iPad, phones, a small wallet, and sunglasses, aside from these documents. You can wear caps, scarves, and jackets. However, you can’t remove them while on the air.

Where to Fly From

Whenever you book a helicopter ride, you can request for a hotel pick up and drop. If you choose this path, a vehicle will be sent to your hotel for an extra fee. You can always book the tour on the day that you land at the airport if you don’t want to spend additional money for a car pick up. Almost every tour provider has choppers ready for tours at all heliports and airports.

Booking the Correct Tour

It can be affordable to book a helicopter tour. This depends on the tour that you pick. The rate of the tour can differ on the length of the flight, from a 45-minute city tour to a simple 15-minute tour. It’s ideal to pay more for the longer tours because you may not be able to extend the tour once you book it.

Book in Advance

While there are a lot of chopper tour services, you’ve got to book the tour in advance. Getting an empty slot on demand can be extremely hard since helicopter tours have become extremely common. If you want to get the slot, you have to book in advance.

Reasons to Choose a Helicopter Ride as a Gift

A helicopter ride might the ideal gift you are looking for if you want something great for a special event or occasion. Imagine flying above the clouds, taking in magnificent sounds and sceneries.

Helicopter rides San Diego is a magical way to show your love if you are planning a surprise celebration for a promotion or looking for a great way to impress your special someone.

Here are a couple of reasons why a helicopter ride is an ideal gift for any occasion:

It is Thrilling

The thrill of taking off in the air above the city is enough to get the heart pumping for a lot of thrill enthusiasts. However, if the excitement of soaring over your city isn’t enough, you can easily find a helicopter tour that includes a lot of sceneries and amazing locations for a thrilling adventure.

See Your Town Like Never Before

How well do you know the city you are living in? You probably retain a complete knowledge of vital arterial streets and main thoroughfares. However, you can still experience and take in so much more from above. The view from a helicopter ride lasts for several minutes and gets much more personal and closer, unlike the dull view seen when flying in and out of a huge international airport. As you hover and fly over the skylines and rooftops around your city, new discoveries will await you.

The Views Are Amazing

The ability to fly much lower compared to an airplane is one of the best things about helicopters. For those who don’t know, speed and altitude are required to stay in the air if you are riding a fixed-wing airplane. On the other hand, a chopper can fly or hover from a full stop from any altitude in any direction.

A chopper tour can be memorable and special because of the close-up views low to the ground that aren’t possible in any other flying transportation. This is probably the best way to get a closer view from above your favorite urban center or wilderness area.

It’s the Best Date Night

Perhaps everyone has experienced this. You are trying to figure out where to go on your night out with your loved one. Then, you suddenly realized that you are trapped in a dull cycle of going to the movies and restaurants. Fortunately, you can break this dull cycle and do something thrilling. A helicopter ride is an ideal chance to share a romantic adventure with your partner.

Every ride is a special experience. A couple of things are more loving than sharing an exciting flight with your loved one. Aside from that, a helicopter ride to a romantic location is the ideal way to ask the question.

Get the Best Photos

A helicopter tour provides tons of great photo opportunities if your partner likes to take photos. You can snap a couple of photos in front of the chopper before you start the ride. You can then enjoy taking amazing photos above once you’re in the air.